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Cleber, Image Homes Flooring Experts


Owner Image Homes Flooring

Cleber Lima is a native of Brazil with a longstanding and highly acclaimed background in the hardwood flooring industry. In 2017 he teamed up with fellow flooring expert and brother in-law Mauricio Alves as partners in their Denver based co-venture, Image Homes flooring.

Cleber's passion for excellence and his desire to make an impact with his brand of quality and and personal care for his clients, has made Image Homes flooring a household name in the Denver area. Cleber is dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship and takes great pride in the fact that he's there with his workers on each and every project personally.

Mauricio Alves, Image Homes Flooring


Owner Image Homes Flooring

Mauricio has been serving as a master-level hardwood craftsman since coming to the US in 2006. His construction skills expand beyond the art of hardwood flooring however, this is where his passions and giftings truly shine.

In 2017 he joined in partnership with Image Homes founder Cleber Lima to create a new partnership centered on the highest levels of integrity, excellent communications, and a commitment to true craftsmanship. Image Homes has since developed a strong following throughout the Denver and surrounding markets.

Mauricio's passion for serving people shows in the way he communicates. You can tell how he cares personally for each of his clients.

Highest Levels of Integrity

True Flooring Craftsmanship

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