What to Expect During a Sand and Refinish

What happens during the sand and refinish process?
Sanding and refinishing are a four-step process:

  1. Preparation ­ All furniture is removed, and the work area is prepared by taping off any carpet, tile or rooms that need to be protected. Carpet is removed in installation area, along with pad, tack strip and staples.
  2. Sanding ­ Beginning with coarser and moving to finer grit sandpaper, we sand in several passes to produce a flat and smooth floor for staining.
  3. Staining ­ We carefully apply the stain color of your choice to the entire floor evenly to produce a consistent appearance.
  4. Coating ­ We apply a total of three waterbase urethane coats of your choice of sheen to finish your floor. We reduce circulation to minimize particles in the final coat.