Terms and Conditions

Terms and Miscellaneous

Finish and sheen, we utilize three (3) coats of the highest grade of European water­based urethanes for our hardwoods. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, satin finish is our default sheen for the final coating. Additional coats may be provided at customer request for a fee.

Dustless systems:

Image Homes uses what our industry describes as “dustless collection systems” for our sanding equipment. This equipment represents a huge improvement over the old systems, but a more accurate term would be “low dust”. It is important to note that there will be some dust produced, no matter how careful we are. The dust produced during a sanding and refinishing project is essentially equivalent to not dusting a busy home for about 30 days.  Image Homes also provided professional plastic protection and professional home cleaning for an extra fee.

Touch ups:

Due to the aggressive nature of our work, there will occasionally be small “bumps and dings”, or possibly a little stain on woodwork, which may require touch­ups. Rather than increase all our quotes to cover this contingency, we have chosen to exclude these possible repairs so that you can hire a painter of your choice. Many of our customers simply handle these minor repairs themselves.

Materials on the jobsite:

Any wood or other materials provided for the project by Image Homes, belongs to Image Homes.

Job start dates and completion times:

We rarely miss our start or completion times, but on occasion a job may have unknown variables which can cause a delay. Inclement weather, such as ice and snow, can also restrict our ability to travel to the project location. We do everything in our power "catch up" but occasionally our schedules are affected. Please understand that when Accountable Hardwoods is working on your floor, you then take precedence, and the next client may have to wait a bit for our arrival. We will communicate with you as early as possible if there is a chance your start date might be off.

Custom stains, distress, or custom scraping:

The customer will be shown samples using these techniques in advance for approval. Image Homes will do our utmost to mimic those samples to the best of our ability but can never promise a perfect match. That said, we are very good at this and have a 100% track record of satisfaction to date.

Service Areas:

Image Homes Flooring provides service in Denver areas as well as in the rocky mountain region without any trip charge.


Image Homes warrants that we will do the work specified, that it will be up to the standards of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and that our labor and materials will be free of defect for 2 years. In most cases, if a floor is experiencing workmanship or defective material issues, it will become apparent within a few weeks to a few months of completion.

We will provide each customer with maintenance instructions to protect the floor and keep it looking beautiful. Upon completion, the floor is in the customer’s care and this warranty does not apply to damages due to poor maintenance or pets, including water damage, environmental damage (intemperate conditions), poor maintenance of floors, and excessive abuse such as scratches or stains. However, our highest priority is that each of our customers gets the floor they truly want, so if you are concerned about anything, please call us and we will work with you to find a solution. Accountability and Integrity are our operating principles.

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